RV Detailing Services


All of the bags are packed and ready to leave on the weekend. That is when you go out to check over the RV and notice how old and dirty it looks. Make it look just like new again with RV detailing from the professionals at Complete Car Care Pros in San Diego, CA.

Think of how you will feel, pulling into an RV park with the shiniest RV to be seen! We will make sure that you get top honors after we have finished with the RV detailing services that we offer.

Complete Car Care Pros will travel right to where you have the RV parked. Depending upon which RV detailing service package that a customer chooses, we provide the following:

Hand Wash--This includes cleaning the entire exterior, plus cleaning the wheels, vacuuming the interior, wiping down the door jambs, console, and dash area, cleaning the windows, and dressing the exterior rubber.

Executive Wash--This includes all of the benefits as listed above, plus shampooing all of the mats.

Exterior Detailing--Included in this package is all the benefits of hand wash, along with polishing and waxing.

Interior Detailing--Customers who choose this package will have all of the mats, seats, and carpet shampooed, along with cleaning the windows, vacuuming, and cleaning and conditioning all of the leather and vinyl.

Complete Detailing--This is the most comprehensive package and includes all of the services combined.

The standard price charged by Complete Car Care Pros for detailing RVs and trailers is $3.00 per foot. Vehicles that are taller than normal are charged an extra $1.00 per foot. Waxing is available at $10.00 per foot, with an oversize charge of $2.00 per foot. Keep your RV in its best possible condition. Call us now!

We also detail boats! Click here for more information.